17How many hours a journal article, grant, dissertation, thesis, book, or other academic document would take to edit is relevant to a lot of factors, including length, type of edit desired, state of the document, how much style (e.g., APA) or formatting (e.g., journal-specific or grad office requirements) needs to be done, turnaround time, etc.

If doing a full edit, I will be addressing grammar, punctuation, style (including all things citation related), and formatting, but I will also be watching for clarity issues and consistency throughout. I edit as efficiently as possible, encourage questions and feedback, and will do my best to work with you through the many things that may come up along the way.

If you know what journal you are submitting to, please include a link to the submission guidelines, and I will watch for relevant formatting and style. The same goes for grad office requirements, prompts for projects, pre/post-doctoral fellowships, etc.

For academic editing, I work in Word with track changes and comments. If it is a long project, I will keep a style sheet as I go to ensure consistency throughout chapters/sections.

I take your expertise very seriously and will not rewrite your work. I am sensitive to the nuances of academic methods, claims, and arguments. Therefore, I always defer to you in the comments if I have a clarity question or am concerned that a grammatical change could impact the meaning of your words. I aim to apply my expertise to make your expertise all the more clear and publishable.

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